Arizona Mama

Welcome to Arizona Mama! I am a wife and mother to a wonderful 1st Grader and a toddler. I work full time as a High School Teacher. I teach Early Childhood Education. I am interested in education, movies, music, cloth diapers, and more. I love to learn about and try new products. If you have a product that you'd like me to try out and review please email me.

[LEGO] Train Station 60050

This is the second time I’ve reviewed a Lego train set!It’s a City Train Station product that I got a long time ago, however this time I’m submitting a review while reassembling it!!This is the INSIDE!It comprises of three volumes in total!There are five figurines in all!2 passengers, a cook, a station employee, and a […]

How comfy the hotel pillow was.

My buddy, who was getting married soon, invited me to join her on a hotel holiday. None of this matters, no matter how comfy the hotel pillow was. So early in the day that I had just opened my eyes. That deep slumber is said to have haunted him and prompted him to replace his […]

Nike X Supreme Air Force 1

Hello, I’m a fashion lover, Arizona. Today’s shoes are Nike X Supreme Air Force 1. I’ve already finished reviewing 2 Supreme Force, and now I have three pairs, including soybean paste. That’s how attractive Supreme Force is, right? Many people don’t feel much different from the general force, but if you fall into a ball-like […]

Amari Riverfront Hotel Review

Just before checking in at Amari Riverfront Hotel, a taxi driver (and a friend) advised the hotel to “look around.” While looking at the hotel from the side of the road, my husband said, “You see it, right?” It’s good.” I’m not ready; it was a hotel. But it was lovely, and I was very impressed […]

Review the hotel DOGO HAKURO [japan]

도고 하쿠로 DOGO HAKURO 道後温泉 道後hakuro【公式】2020年オープン 新しい温泉旅を創る宿 道後温泉本館徒歩3分·道後温泉駅徒歩5分。現代的でスタイリッシュな空間、コンパクトながら居心地 I think it was 1300 yen for adults, but I couldn’t ride it because it was suspended, but there were two Starbucks customers who were the most leisurely Starbucks customers I’ve ever seen to ride one day.H Folding/Opening 2022/01 and Botjjang Clock Tower~ I came out […]

Grand Hyatt Jeju Hotel Review

The cylinder on the sixth floor will inform you as to whether you tell me at the entry. At the point when the climate gets hotter, it’s ideal to watch out from here. Consistently at the Grand Hyatt Jeju Swimming Pool, where I could appreciate swimming for two evenings and three days with Rubin’s sibling […]