I’d like to write a review for the Canon G series 3960 model.

Good day, everyone!
Today, I’d like to write a review for the Canon G series 3960 model.
Because my old HP office jet complex broke down, I purchased a new one.
I like using the HP printer, but I will no longer purchase it since the AS service fee is too costly.
The business trip will cost 40,000 won, and the AS will be too expensive.
If you’re thinking about buying HP, think about it and get it!
To acquire a product with Costco, I looked into Epson or Samsung.
Samsung Inkjet is not compatible with Mac computers, therefore Epson chose to skip it and explore for other options after receiving feedback that the customer service representative was unhelpful and the inkjet was just smearing.
I came upon a Canon printer while hunting for something else.
I phoned Canon Customer Service straight away since the Canon printer supported both Windows and Mac, and the pricing was reasonable.
Because the counselor I consulted was so kind, I responded, “‘Well, if I purchase it, it will be here.’
I’ll purchase it here.”
Is your Canon printer black?
The counselor said that it might smear, but the color does not.
I asked them to offer a printer that satisfies these criteria: first, printers that can copy and scan, second, printers that can run on both Windows and Mac, third, printers that can run on government 24, and fourth, printers that can run on Wi-Fi.
They suggested the G3560 model.
I did some research on Naver and Coupang and discovered that Coupang offers rocket delivery.
The Canon G3960 printer fulfilled all of my expectations. (
copy/scan support, window/mac support, government 24 hours, wifi access, color access) Other attractions were available.

First, maintenance costs are lower than with the previous HP composite machine.
Previously, I used ink cartridges.
The buying price was not cheap.
I believe I will lose 100,000 won if I purchase black and white and two colors.
I ordered HP ink cartridges straight from abroad, for your knowledge.
I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m not sure when I use the HP complex, but I haven’t been able to make split copies and print them out without taking up any space.
I had no idea there was a divided copy.
What made them even more appealing than split copies was the fact that they were produced with no white space.
I didn’t like the photographs and pages I had to print since there was only approximately 1cm of room left after printing.
Third, I considered purchasing a tiny site printer since the HP office jet complex was large and there were too many chairs.
My current HP printer is half the size of the Canon.
Aside from that, there were features like automated scanning calibration, automatic concentration management, and so on.
I’m not sure about it.

When you use it, you’ll know, right?
HahaThings like these may be found inside after unwrapping it.
The installation began right away.
It took roughly 30 minutes to install due to the ease of the installation technique.
Machines are not my strong suit.
Even though I’m not excellent with computers, it was easy enough for me to do.
I now have it linked to my computer and am printing it.
I investigated the functionalities on the product detail page to see if the new print was causing any issues.
Fortunately, everything seems to be operating well and without issues.
I’m hoping the new Canon print lasts a long time and does not break down.
I believe I’ve been using HP for over ten years, and I believe I should do so again for this.
That is my opinion.

If you’re in the market for a print, have a look at my evaluation and think about the G3960.
I believe that after the event is the best time to purchase it.