[LEGO] Train Station 60050

This is the second time I’ve reviewed a Lego train set!
It’s a City Train Station product that I got a long time ago, however this time I’m submitting a review while reassembling it!!
This is the INSIDE!
It comprises of three volumes in total!
There are five figurines in all!
2 passengers, a cook, a station employee, and a cab driver!!
Figure 1 as well as the cab!
It’s a little but ominous cab!
It’s the second railway station’s basis!
It rises slightly over the frame!
Here’s the sign for the third snack section!
Snacks are presented in a charming manner in the snack nook!
It’s the main entrance as well as the Lego shop!
The goods of the city are on exhibit!!
This is the arrival notification board and the roof of railway station number 5!!
The time is presented in the order in which the trains arrive, just as at a real railway station!!
I raised the figures!
Finally, we snapped a shot with the 60197 passenger train!
A railway station, in my opinion, goes nicely with a train!
I believe it is a product that accurately depicts the interior of a railway station!
It’s a pity there’s just one platform available!
The 60197 passenger train product will be reviewed next!!