Nike X Supreme Air Force 1

Hello, I’m a fashion lover, Arizona. Today’s shoes are Nike X Supreme Air Force 1. I’ve already finished reviewing 2 Supreme Force, and now I have three pairs, including soybean paste. That’s how attractive Supreme Force is, right? Many people don’t feel much different from the general force, but if you fall into a ball-like item full of hidden details and add charm, the more you see it, you will have all the colors like me… Let’s look at the Nike X Supreme Air Force 1 soybean paste color that can be kept just by the collaboration itself. It’s a box containing Nike X Supreme. Overall, there’s a black tone box with a Nike logo in black, so this box looks all black! It doesn’t look much different from a typical Nike box, but it’s a bright box with a supreme box logo engraved on the lid. It’s so good that there’s a sticker label on the side. DN1555-200’s regular size is 265, so I like to oversize it and wear it, but I went to the normal size. For FORCE, there are many class-ups and regular sizes, so if you want to buy one, please refer to it. Supreme that’s well wrapped inside! the Supreme and Nike logos are regularly listed, not the usual inner paper. Even if you look at the inside of the shoes, there will be many details. Open up your inner paper and see you in person! I love the color of soybean paste. It’s a color that I’ve always liked for a long time, and when I met the soybean paste color for the first time in a long time, I took it out of the box with two feelings of joy and beauty at the same time. It’s beautiful because it has a unique soybean paste color and a bright top box logo. I knew right away why the reselling price was so high. I have a total of three-color Supreme Force, but personally, doenjang is N0.1! It would be perfect for point shoes with crazy color and daily shoes for those who enjoy wearing street moods like me! There is a basic doenjang-colored string as the basic string and a string with the Supreme logo to make the Supreme Force feel. When replacing with this string, it creates a collaboration zone, so please refer to it. The inner lining is made of soft material. Thanks to this, you can feel a pleasant fit when you wear it and take it off. This also has a much softer feeling, which is different from the general force, improving the quality. These small details are hidden one by one. I’ll reveal the other details right below. I tried to put the front nose and tongue of the shoes, so the coloration of the tongue is a combination of colors that goes well with the overall mood, so it doesn’t look strange. Nike AeroGo is in soybean paste color. Embroidery swoosh one of the details that are different from the previous posts! A small swoosh is embroidered and engraved, and it is positioned as an invisible point in line with the overall color. It’s good for subtle points, and it’s a hidden detail. From the side, the overall finish is great, and the sewing is great. The midsole has some thickness so that it can add natural height, and the fabric is made of suede, so it’s easy to wear all four seasons. Zoom in on the side cut! It’s made of suede material. The entire cover is made of suede material in a uniform manner, and if you avoid rainy or snowy days, there will be no difficulty in managing it!! If you look from the top, you can see that the shape is slightly slimmer. It’s differentiated from the existing force, and the thinner one is my type!

I think the colors are really pretty from all angles. For me, who used to like doenjang-colored shoes, this logo with the Supreme logo on it looks so pretty. Someone might ask if I’m buying it for the added logo detail, but I don’t think so, and I believe that people who’ve read my text will agree with it. It’s a small but powerful box that can be said to be the key point of the Nike Supreme Force! The bright Supreme logo is pretty, with details that clearly show the Supreme collaboration. In the case of this Supreme logo, there is a saying that the location is different depending on the individual, so you don’t have to be embarrassed. The aero goes on the brush is a zoomed-in shot with the details that always exist for Air Force. I put it on the back. It has a similar shape to the basic force and feels like it was originally produced with the feeling I had in mind. I have a total of three legs, but on the other hand, it’s a little disappointing that I always feel it whenever I write a review?! Personally, I think the backside would have been prettier if the Supreme logo was added like a coke. I put in the insole. The insole consists of the same color as the entire color of soybean paste, and the Supreme Box logo is engraved along with the Nike logo. I really like the Supreme logo and the brightness of Nike. If you fail to arrive, this insole printing can be erased, so if you care about the insole, it is recommended to replace the insole separately. The outsole is the same as the basic force and has no special characteristics. It has excellent grip and can be worn without any problems, even in bad weather. Good, good! The overall color is unified to the brush, making it much cleaner and easier to match the style. The more you look at it, the more attractive it is. ​