Amari Riverfront Hotel Review

Just before checking in at Amari Riverfront Hotel, a taxi driver (and a friend) advised the hotel to “look around.” While looking at the hotel from the side of the road, my husband said, “You see it, right?” It’s good.” I’m not ready; it was a hotel. But it was lovely, and I was very impressed that he was ready to declare one of the best things in our journey so far. The room itself had a hard wooden floor, a sprayed bathtub, a balcony, and a good location. The best part? The price was very reasonable. In fact, it’s similar to the amount we have to pay to stay at a luxury hotel in Raleigh. If you are looking for a good hotel in this area, I recommend Amari. Breakfast is included! Amari Riverfront Hotel is located at 205 Raleigh Bicentennial Parkway. It is a little far from downtown, but it is still very close to all the attractions in the area. For more information on hotel and room reservations, refer to the website here.