Review the hotel DOGO HAKURO [japan]

도고 하쿠로 DOGO HAKURO 道後温泉 道後hakuro【公式】2020年オープン 新しい温泉旅を創る宿 道後温泉本館徒歩3分·道後温泉駅徒歩5分。現代的でスタイリッシュな空間、コンパクトながら居心地 I think it was 1300 yen for adults, but I couldn’t ride it because it was suspended, but there were two Starbucks customers who were the most leisurely Starbucks customers I’ve ever seen to ride one day.H Folding/Opening 2022/01 and Botjjang Clock Tower~ I came out every hour and started playing, and it was nice to see you today. I think I’m going to fall into the charms of hot springs. After taking a bath, I drank iced coffee alone in the lounge. Red ume flowers bloomed. And it was very popular because it was literally a suit that worked on Instagram. I saw on TV that Montblanc machine is very expensive. White ume flowers also bloomed. Anyway, it was a weekend when I saw, ate, and felt many things. This is a hotel that’s really good to get emotional even if you’re alone… But the turn table is a little small, but there was no place to put it up. When I went down, I rode a lift, but I was scared. After dinner, I went to Dogo Hot Springs for another night this week. I was thinking about where to stay this time, and I made a reservation because there was a pretty hotel I saw in Dogo Hot Springs. I could take a foot bath next to the clock tower. The loft looks fun, too. Matsuyama Castle. I wasn’t interested in it before, but now that I’m old, it’s so amazing how I built such a stone wall. I thought it was really running for the first time. But it tastes good when I try it. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ The size wasn’t bad either. ^^) Is it true that there is no sauna aimed at young people?h. The room was very small, but there was a turntable on the table. The hot water is perfect. Unfortunately, there was no sauna. There is an animal protection center on the road home, and we recently started selling bread, so we stopped by in the middle to buy bread. For your information, the bath hot spring is on the first floor. 愛媛県庁/愛媛県動物愛護センター 更新日:2022年1月28日 愛媛県動物愛護センター 下の三つのバナーを クリック してください。役に立つ動画が見られます。 【ご協力のお願い】 ※3密防止の ·定期的な換気 なお、職員よ. Let’s change and go to the hot spring right away. It was so nice to have a hot spring and an outdoor bath. Totally modernism. It was the best lounge I’ve ever seen. ㅠㅠㅠ If it was like a cafe in Shibuya, I would call the DJ here and have a night party without COVID-19. ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ 게다가 In addition, they sell beer and there is a bar-type table. It’s really cool. And next to it, there’s a crematorium (they say they do euthanasia ㅠㅠ)There was a building where you could see the animals protecting the Lang counseling room. Personally, Ryokan is good, but my taste is better suited to the hotel;;HH There was also a free lounge, but the free lounge was very pretty. Dogo Hot Springs is Yukata National Roll. I think this is a prefecture-run facility, but I saw a fundraising guide at a restaurant bathroom (?) before, and it said Ehime is the area with the most disposal of abandoned dogs and abandoned cats in Japan. ㅠㅠ 2 million yen would have taken a picture then. It was prettier because it was light up in the evening.^^) There are egrets all over Dogo Hot Springs, and I was curious, so I looked next to the clock tower, and there is a legend that the site where an egret with wings came to the hot spring and treated the wound in the hot spring water was the beginning of the hot spring. The hat next to us ate so deliciously. There was a store right away, so we bought two and ate them. I went to Matsuyama Ropeway Street, and I went to a sweet potato store I’ve been craving for sweet potato ice cream, and there were a lot of people lined up every time, but we were the only ones this time. I was surprised at the price of 1,300 yen. Unmanned check-in-out available bath baskets are in front of the elevator. Before I went to the hot spring, I confessed on TV 22 years later (I’m the murderer, Japanese version), and I went to the hot spring for about 30 minutes, but I couldn’t stay in the hot spring for a long time because I was curious about my partner’s content. Lol. But I was the only one who took a lot of selfies. Hehe and I also looked around the Dogo Street. This time again, shabu shabu and sukiyaki! Yuzuan has great green onions, so honestly, you don’t need other vegetables. If you come to Japan, make sure you don’t go there ㅜㅜ It’s a great tanguri for the real price. In fact, I waited for my partner, but he didn’t come, so I went up to the room alone, so I arrived first and was watching a movie. After class on Friday, I left for Yuzuan right away to eat shabu-shabu with my partner. The shabu-shabu I ate on Christmas was so delicious that I went to eat it again. I made a reservation at 6:30, but I arrived an hour and a half early and started eating at 5 o’clock. Why are sweet potatoes so delicious ㅠㅠ It’s so delicious but expensive ㅠㅠ Actually, I would eat two for 800 yen, but I went up to Matsuyama Castle and tried to walk up, but I went up on a ropeway. Elvedo could not go up without a card key, so the security was good. There was also an LP on display. There are also ryokans around Dogo Hot Springs, and there are many old hotels, but this hotel opened in 2020 and looked like a hotel aimed at young people. Botjjang train. The facilities for the price were not bad. They say that the stone walls are different based on the middle because they collapsed once, but now I forgot the pamphlet, so I can’t explain it. I have to pay again to enter Matsuyama Castle, so I think I’ll enter Matsuyama Castle later on foot. It is said that the Matsuyama stone walls were stacked into two types. This time, I purposely wandered around to see the botjjang clock tower.