Some examples of Rug Pull/scam/eat and run(먹튀)

Those who have been hit by the lug pool several times eventually fall into two categories. “Oh… I don’t do this again.” “Oh! I dip it in the wall first, and it splatters.” For me, the latter… In that sense, in this post, we will list some types of coin mining lug pools that make me cry from the beginning of 2020 to the present. AUTUSDT ANTUSDT was received, but I admit it. ANTUSDT. ANTUSDT is a case in which coin shuffle, that is, coin mixer technology, is used to mix personal investments, provide them as services to operators, and share the fees. Unlike the common bottomless miner purchase type, it was quite persuasive in terms of profit structure technology, releasing a large number of related articles in various countries’ coin-related media, including Yahoo Financial, registering official operators in the UK, and obtaining financial licenses in the US! In addition to press introduction articles (left)/ British business registration documents, advertisements were boldly posted on Times Square’s NASDAQ advertisement display, and billboards were installed at representative locations in several countries. ANTUSDT, a fabricated photo with NASDAQ, was a way to withdraw principal at any time, so the ROI concept is not appropriate, but it takes about three months to double the principal, but as listed above, it continues to give investors credibility and continues to reinvest and tie the investment into their wallets. Thanks to that, I’ve been doing a fraud project for about ten months for a Rug Pull. And then, one day. Unlike YouTube, the very convincing ANTUSDT’s scams began to spread rapidly, and as a representative example, the evidence that the person who was introduced as a senior ANTUSDT executive appeared in Omanjab content became red, and anxious investors suddenly began to withdraw funds. Of course, I kept rolling with confidence without recovering the principal even when I had about three times the investment(토토사이트), but eventually, I couldn’t get a penny. BTAU BTAU attracted investors by falsely claiming investment from Indian dinosaur company Tata, and it was carried out as a mechanism to deposit BTAU coins and mine BTAU issued daily according to the ratio deposited by themselves. The initial ROI starts at about 50 days, but it rapidly raises the BTAU market price at DEX and pulls the ROI at high speed. With his charm, he succeeded in making numerous Chinese (most) investors throw their wallets at the same time as he was enthusiastic. Then one morning, he showed his success in draining liquidity from the DEX pool and dropping the BTAU market price at once with a piece of toilet paper. Since then, the main net has not folded the project right away, and one day, the main net said it would return to the main net after making this and that excuse well. The duration of the fraud project is about three months? In Korea, the market price of BTAU was the highest at the beginning of the Chuseok holiday in 2020, and liquidity eating and running(먹튀) took place during the Chuseok holiday, but in my case, I tried to turn my investment elsewhere, but I couldn’t make time on a family trip during Chuseok. There are probably more people in Korea who don’t know ZOO BASE. ZOO BASE had a profit mechanism that deposits tethers and receives ZOB coins at an interest rate of 10% per month. The ROI looks long, but it was a structure that could recover the principal at any time like ANTUSDT, and ZOB Coin could have been a great source of revenue if it hit the calculator well by raising the market price at high speed at the beginning like BTAU. But I guess I knocked on the calculator for no reason. From the pre-promotion period, it succeeded in attracting quite large investors online and offline from China, and as soon as the project began, it just closed quickly when billions of investments came in. Wow. My money… BDF POOL BDF POOL BDF pool is the type of revenue that sells dog-honey-Tron miners with 450% return guaranteed for approximately 90 days of ROI 20 days. I thought it was a common iron mining lug pool that could be dipped in moderation, but surprisingly, the project lasted more than two months, causing the illusion of “Isn’t it not a fraud?” In the end, he advertised, “I’m about to bounce,” including additional upgrades to miners and 2+1 events, but he became the main player who has already been tied up with investments and investors who have allocated a lot to reinvest to increase profits. In my case, I knew a little late, and I didn’t dip my feet because I thought it wasn’t dipped time. Tron24 Tron24 has not been shut down yet, but it has already put prospective investors on standby even before its launch, citing at least five days of game-over-in-Tron24 ROI, and I continue to watch and grasp the experience (?) and BDF Pool. As soon as the mining opened, he was making infinite dips and dips and dips after entering, but he started to make money too quickly and closed the withdrawal early without filling two weeks of withdrawal early.