Review on the purchase of used car K5 sold by SK Encar!

Hello, everyone. It’s a roe deer.

I can’t believe I wrote a review of a used car review!

Somehow, I ended up buying a car! ?

As I got a job and was assigned back to my hometown, I needed my own car, so I bought a used car.

I decided not to buy a new car because I’m a newbie, newbie driver, and newbie.

However, since it is a used car, not a new car, I felt burdened to look into it carefully and buy it.

So, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube about how to buy used cars.

The used car purchase list that I thought of…

  1. Elantra

  1. K3

  1. SM5

That’s what I’ve been thinking!

My job is to ride a lot of cars.

I was looking for a car that I can’t really appreciate.

But I ended up buying K5. lol

I’ll tell you why in a little bit!

When I went to see a used car,

Something to watch.

  1. Years.
  2. Accident history

That’s what I thought!

I didn’t care if there were a lot of years and height.

If you have a lot of height in a short period of time,

I suspected a car with too little height.(Laughs) ?

*In the case of accident history, vehicles that have only been exchanged for exterior sales were included in the purchase list, but no vehicles have been damaged or touched.

In fact, while looking around the car, it wasn’t recorded in the insurance history, but I found that one K3 car didn’t fit the trunk gap

So when I was looking at the car, my dad checked the air filter, engine oil, and dipstick.Lol! While choosing and choosing, I found K5 that was in good condition!

Actually, I couldn’t visit the used car store many times because I was working, but since my parents visited here, they thought K5 was the best.

Like that, I…

Smart key, heating wire, rear camera, pure navigation, etc. are all options.

We purchased K5 that meets the above conditions!

The owner of the car really takes good care of it.

I’m not going to talk about the outside and the inside being clean.

For those who know cars well, the car is soft when riding it.

They said I bought it well. Haha

When I actually bought it, my dad drove several cars

I think I was able to choose a car with a good driving sense.

Of course, it’s a used car.

In terms of tinting and exchanging lights,

It does cost more,

I think I bought a really decent car. I’m satisfied!

For navigation and other options,

I like new cars more. (Of course)

I hope my posting helps you buy a used car.

If you have any questions about the price, please leave a comment.