Nike Peace Minus One Quando 1 review, even if it’s late.

Hello, I’m Arizona mama.

I’m late because I’m doing 토토사이트 these days.

When the design was first leaked, it wasn’t good.

Nike Peace Minus One Quando 1, which received a lot of reviews.

It was like this, but when I first saw it, I thought it was this.

There was a strong attraction.

I’ve been waiting for the release date.

I put in a lot of applications, but failed!

The resell price wasn’t as expensive as I thought, so with GFRIEND…

I bought two pairs of matching shoes.

I brought it for 150,000 won more than the release price.

Originally, I only used cream on the relay app.

After experiencing several problems related to inspection,

I got to use Sold Out, which has a good evaluation.

For some reason… For two weeks after purchasing it,

The item didn’t come.

Since it’s the end of the year, there’s a lot of supplies left.

It got longer, but 15 days later, I got a call saying there was a defect.

I canceled it and bought it from Krem.

It’s been almost a month since I got it.

It’s a bit late to do a review now.

There are still people who are hesitant to buy it.

I prepared it because I wanted to help you if I had any.

Until the relay app gets its drawback,

I don’t know if it’s domestic or overseas.

I don’t know, but fortunately, Nike Korea.

The tag is here.

I talked a lot about the size, but it’s small.

There are many rumors that it came out, so I usually put 260…

I tend to wear it comfortably, but even if I choose 270,

As the rumors say, the entrance is very…

It’s too small to fit my feet without a shoehorn.

That’s about it.

Even if your feet are low or flat,

I recommend taking classes.

The extra string was wrapped around it.

At the end, there’s a symbol of Peace Minus One.

The logo was engraved with a yellow tab.

On the back, another symbol of the brand is Daisy.

The flower pattern is expressed in luxurious embroidery.

Nike Peace Minus One Quando 1’s most…

The special thing was that it had a tongue cover with a logo.

I think it’s not the design.

If you remove that, even with normal shoes,

You can wear them, so if you get tired of wearing them a few times,

The advantage is that you can make it look like new shoes.

It’s the same.

I think it’s less popular than Paranoise 1.

It’s not limited to one aspect but in various ways.

I can express how I feel. G-Dragon’s

I want to applaud your fashion design sense.

It’s been 10 years since I wore all-back shoes.

I try not to wear them, but this model…

I made a resolution to keep it.

It’s like a combination of wingtips and sneakers.

The exquisite design adds to the unique sensibility.

Thanks to that, I wore a formal coat and slacks.

It goes well with my outfit, and in reality, a lot of people…

They dress up in this style.

On the other hand, I like the street vibe.

I tried it with casual jogger pants.

Personally, Nike Peace Minus One.

You have to see the tongue of Quando 1 in order to make the original design more…

I think he’s good at it, so he covers his feet wide.

Rather than pants, cropped pants or ribbed pants.

I think it goes well with things.

It’s about 4cm long and it’s quite high.

The height effect is also clear.

If I were to pick a drawback, I’d like to use Wing-Tip shoes as a motif.

Compared to running shoes, it feels more comfortable.

It’s hard and uncomfortable.

And since it’s all white, it’s contaminated outside.

It’s vulnerable.

Even though I wore them briefly, I wore black right away.

It broke my heart enough to get contamination everywhere.

And the leather is soft, too.

It’s smooth with the material, but I’ll try it on right away.

It seemed that it needed to be managed to the point out wrinkles.

A lot of them have been released, but it’s limited edition.

Nike Peace Minus One Quando 1.

It’s definitely worth keeping among sneakers enthusiasts.

I think it’ll be a product that exists.

I’ll try coordinating it.