How to Make Mattress Softer – 6 Tips for Too-Firm Mattress

So, you have just spent a good load of cash on a seemingly perfect mattress. The package comes from a well-known brand and looks absolutely good. It’s high-quality without a doubt – until you lie down and find little to no comfort for your body. Your mattress is too firm!!! Chances are the mattress isn’t right for you, but before you think about returning it or purchasing a new one, perhaps you would like to try some of our tips on how to make mattress softer.

Don’t sleep on too firm mattress!

Why is firmness so important?

how to make mattress softer
Good mattress helps you sleep better

First of all, when we talk about firmness, we do it relatively. A heavy person and a petite person will feel differently about the same mattress.

The former is likely to sink right into the mattress and reach the coil base, which feels very uncomfortable and stiff. They will need a thicker mattress with more support. Meanwhile, the latter will have a hard time finding some softness in their mattress. The light weight only allows them to be on the surface and doesn’t let the mattress conform to their body.

The position plays a big role too. Back and stomach sleepers will need enough firmness to keep their spine alignment proper. If the mattress is too soft, their shoulders and hips might sink into the plushness and cause aching in the morning. For side sleepers, a too-firm mattress will put half of their body under pressure and also block the blood circulation.

How to make mattress softer – Tips for a too-firm mattress

#1 Give your foundation a brief check

If the foundation and the mattress aren’t compatible, it can affect your experience in a negative way and also void the warranty. For example, a box spring foundation isn’t good for a memory foam mattress.

Moreover, you know your foundation needs to be changed if:

For box springs:

  • It has been in use for more than 10 years
  • It sounds squeaky when you move
  • The springs don’t give that bouncy feeling anymore

For platform:

  • It feels unsteady
  • It sags in the center
  • It wiggles and moves under your body

#2 Break it in to make it softer

Many items only start to feel right after you have used them for a while. Mattresses are one of them. That’s why many manufacturers offer a trial period of 90 days. Not to mention, some specific materials like memory foam and latex respond to temperature and body heat. They need time to fully expand and accommodate to your condition.

Note: We don’t recommend stunts such as flipping and jumping on the mattress!

#3 Flip and rotate

People usually roll the tires around for consistency, and you should do the same thing for your mattress, especially if it isn’t a brand new product that needs time to function well. This will distribute the wear evenly and protect the mattress from sagging. Twice a year would be good enough!

Note: The tip is only for flip-able mattresses, unlike pillow tops.

#4 Warm your mattress up

If you have a memory foam mattress, please keep in mind that it won’t perform well in a cold room. Do control the temperature and keep it at a warm level so the mattress feels as soft as you would like it to be.

#5 Add a soft mattress topper to the mattress

We can confidently say that mattress topper is the most effective and easiest way to handle a mattress that doesn’t give you the comfort you need. As the name suggests, a mattress topper is an addition on top of the mattress, a supplementary layer of support, comfort, and protection.

In general, memory foam and latex are popular for their ability to relieve pressure in certain spots of our bodies. Wool and goose down, on the other hand, have the advantage of luxurious feel and great temperature regulation. You would want to do some careful researching beforehand because mattress toppers come in a variety of models and sizes. Choosing one amongst many is never a simple task.

#6 Get a new mattress if all failed

Because an overly firm mattress might cause more troubles than you think. Body aches, restless sleep – it affects both your health and your mood, which leads to negative results in working and living.


Considering the fact that we spent a third of our life sleeping, we highly recommend you to choose the most suitable comfort or do everything you can to achieve it. Here’s the list of easiest tricks to fix a too firm mattress and we hope you will have many peaceful nights ahead!