Getting Good Sleep While Pregnant

t is very difficult to get good sleep for women during their pregnancy. It is very common to contend with the sleeping problems during pregnancy. Mostly sleep disturbances are the result of stress and anxiety, physical discomfort and hormonal fluctuations.

As the pregnancy progresses, women may experience more difficult to acquire a comfortable position, or sometimes they may need to get up several times during sleep to empty the cramped bladder, which eventually disturb the good sleep. Critical rest to your mind as well as body is very much essential during this time. Here are few tips to get good sleep during pregnancy:

Drink fluids: Drink lots of fluids in the day time, but avoid drinking before going to bed to reduce the problem of frequent urination during night.

Reduce anxiety and stress: Anxiety and stress are the main culprits in preventing the good sleep. Worrying about anything won’t be helpful for you, so stop worrying. Discuss your problems with a professional or a friend who can listen to you and help you for your issues, which are causing you to feel upset or worry.

Exercise: Do workouts regularly for good health, and also to improve the blood circulation this will reduce the leg cramps at night time. Avoid exercise before bedtimes because exercise can release adrenaline into the body that can keep you awake at night.

Start routine: If you establish soothing, comforting, and consistent evening routine, then you would be able to get relaxation and getting sleep easily. Before bedtime try some soothing movements such as drinking a cup of hot milk or caffeine free tea, Reading books, taking a warm bath by using fragrant gel, or getting a massage.

Stay away from heart burn: To avoid heartburn, do not recline after having a meal till 1-2 hours. If heartburn is a major problem, use pillows as support while sleeping. Also avoid acidic, fried, or spicy foods as they would worsen the symptoms.

Stay in position: In the third trimester of your pregnancy, for proper blood circulation to your kidneys, uterus and to the fetus, sleep on the left side. Try to avoid lying on your back for longer periods.

Support the body: To support the body use a special pillow that is designed for pregnant people or use regular pillow. For your comfort, try to sleep on the side with the help of one pillow under the knee and another pillow under the belly. And you also sleep on a soft mattress, it should be comfortable to your body.

Take care of Diet: Completely eliminate alcohol and caffeine to have a good sleep. If you have nausea, try to eat bland snacks throughout your day. Eat the nutrition food. This is not only important for you and also for your child’s health. Remember to take enough rest.